Waxing philosophical about breakfast cereal
Going for the Golden Grahams

Stop and Shop had a sale this week on the General Mills’ breakfast cereals. So for obvious reasons, I had to pick up a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, and Golden Grahams. (You know, the healty ones, you have to look out for the childrens.)

I like Golden Grahams, however; I don’t understand the name all that much. I mean, come on, they are not golden. They are brownish. I understand that the name Brownish Ridged Graham Squares isn’t much of a name, unless you are a store brand. Regarless, I think they were just churching up something that was deemd a very puritan treat, that was made to sin.

Graham crackers were first invented by a guy who’s name was Graham; Reverend Graham to be more accurate. (Wikipedia it your self, I’m not your mom, and this isn’t your homework)

So the good Reverend thought that people needed something to eat that was simple and clean and would not incite salacious and lacivious thoughts. That was until the General Mills showed up and drizzled his evil honey all over them and made them a part of a balanced breakfast.

I think the good Reverend is spinning in his grave. Maybe it isn’t fracking that is causing all these crazy quakes after all.